Meal Planning Monday

As always the weeks fly by and here we are, Monday again!

Here is this weeks meal plan –

Monday – Chilli

Tuesday – Pasta bake

Wednesday – Cheese and potato pie

Thursday – Sausage and mash

Friday – Chicken Fajitas

Saturday – Fake away – my home cooked Chinese treat, saving money and using up and leftovers from the week!

Sunday – Roast beef.

Meal Planning Monday

So here we are the first Monday of 2015. I need to be organised this year, there is no getting away from it, I know that meal planning saves me time, money not to mention taking the stress out of deciding what to have for dinner every night, so here it is. Our meal plan for this week is

Monday – Risotto – with chicken and veg left over from yesterdays roast.

Tuesday – Pasta and cheese sauce

Wednesday – Roasted Salmon with cous cous and salad

Thursday – Turkey and Gammon pie (using a filling I made up at Christmas) with roasted new potatoes and carrots.

Friday – Home made vegetable soup

Saturday – Ham egg and chips

Sunday – Pork chops, vegetables and roast potatoes.

We are using up a lot of things from Christmas, my aim this year is to have less wasted food, I want to try to use up everything I can of our weekly shop, the amount we throw away each week is shocking really when I think about it, so one of my new year goals is to reduce this and have less waste, my meal plan each week will certainly help me do this.

Back to School with House of Fraser

So we are well into the school term now already, and boy has it been an interesting few weeks.  With Molly going into Year 1 and Alfie heading off to pre-school it has been all change here once again.

The summer went by in a flash and before I knew it I was back to buying uniform and  ticking everything off my to ‘Back to School Check list’

Buying two lots of uniform is costly, getting 2 of everything, coats, shoes, uniform, bags,  lunch boxes, the prices soon mount up, next year I will be more prepared for that! But if you shop around there are some great deals out there.

We were sent a voucher to review the House of Fraser Back to School range and I was very impressed.  I was able to get both children a new winter school coat for £50 with free delivery!

The Back to School Range has everything you need to kit your kids out for the new term and the range is amazing.

I chose 2 coats from the range so both of the children are set for winter which is fast approaching us now. I thought the price was excellent value at £24.99 both coats are fully quilted and come with a detachable hood as well which is perfect for the changeable weather we can get in winter time.

They come in great range of colours too! Click here to see the full range.


coat molly

Ordering online with House of Fraser was super easy and the coats were delivered within 3 days on a standard (Free) delivery. Very impressive.

They both came in a range of colours and sizes and are perfect for the new school term!

Molly and Alfie are all set for winter but there is no sign of that just yet – the weather is glorious!

How has the start of the new term been for you?


We were sent a £50 voucher from House of Fraser to complete this review.  This is my own work and honest opinion of the products/services provided and you are not permitted to copy any of the content within this post without my permission.

The Gallery

When I saw the theme ‘The Great Outdoors’ for this week, I knew I had several shots that would be perfect for this.  Having just returned from our family holiday in Brittany France, we were lucky enough to experience the great outdoors in one of my favourite places, the seaside!
Growing up I used to go all the time to the seaside with my Grandparents, I have so many fond memories of time by the sea, sticks of rock and amusements, followed by fish and chips on the bench watching the tide come in or go out.  Beautiful memories.
France was totally different, there was no fish and chips or amusements, in fact at many of the beaches we visited there was very little there, just the sea and the sand.  But what more do you need?
We spent hours in the sand with the little ones on our holiday, paddling in the sea (well until we spotted the jellyfish and I had a complete breakdown and demanded everyone left the water IMMEDIATELY!).  We visited some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and created some of my most beautiful memories with my gorgeous family.
brittany, france, holiday, family
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Managing Anxiety – getting back on track

For the past 18 months I have rarely been able to blog, there has been no room in my mind to write, read or do much of the things I have previously enjoyed.  For a long time I just got on with it, we have had so much going on over the past few years, job losses, a house move that then didn’t happen, starting school and then my Dad passing away and this is just to mention a few things.  It has felt like a never-ending roller coaster, one that much of the time I have been screaming from within to get off.  The trouble is, you don’t realise the effect that stress has on you till it’s too late – well I didn’t anyway.  I kept going and going and going, every day reality slipping away from me a little more. Looking back now I can see I was a wreck, totally out of control of my emotions, not sleeping or eating properly, constantly loosing my temper with the kids but at the same time piling more and more onto myself to do to keep my mind busy so I didn’t have to actually think about everything else that was going on.

Last September I broke, I say broke as it is just how I felt, I was broken.  I didn’t know how or if I could be fixed but I knew something was wrong with me.  I spent most of my days feeling totally paralysed, I couldn’t get my breath, my face tingled, my legs shaking and I would feel hot, cold, and sweaty all at once, I would shake like a leaf and be unable to stop and along with constant nausea I felt like I was falling apart – and all for seemingly no reason.  I was constantly on edge, never able to sit still or relax.

After weeks and weeks of feeling totally out of control I went to my GP, sitting in the waiting room I very nearly walked out, I was sure that I was actually insane and didn’t need or want to hear it from the Doctor, I hid myself away in the corner hoping no one would notice me and my name wouldn’t be called.  But it was, and off I went, my shaking legs carried me into the room, and as soon as I sat down I burst into tears.  I have no idea where it all came from but so much just came flooding out of me, how I felt, how I was unable to cope day to day, it just came tumbling out from nowhere.  Thankfully the GP told me I was not insane, but clearly very anxious and struggling, she recommend some time off work (which I declined – work was the only thing that was actually going well for me at the time – strip that away and I didn’t think I could have coped at all).  The GP was lovely, I had major concerns about having any medication so after a long chat through the pro’s and con’s she decided it would be best for me to be seen by the Wellbeing Team and go from there.

I felt better having told someone how I felt.  I was scared that it would never go away, I still am now if I am totally honest.  Following an initial assessment from the Wellbeing team I was referred back to the GP and it was recommended that I was put on some medication to help control my anxiety, which I started on shortly after.  The side effects can be tough but they do ease after a while and now the main thing I notice is tiredness, however I now take my medication at night which seems to have helped this a little.

It has taken me 18 months to get the courage to blog about this, I hate the fact that I feel like such a failure all the time. I hate feeling on edge constantly and I keep saying over and again, I wish I could turn my brain off, it’s only now I realise that turning it off won’t fix me, it won’t make anything any better and it certainly won’t go away.  Anxiety grips onto you like nothing I have ever known, making you scared of everything.  It impacts on everything in my life, where we go, what we do, who we see.  There are certain situations now that I just know I can’t mange very well so I avoid them where ever possible.  This impacts not only me but the children as well.

Now is the time for me to challenge my anxiety head on and try to get to grips with it.  I am starting to do some CBT which is going to help with things on a day to day basis, and I am also trying out some Mindfulness to help me wind down a bit and attempt to chill out.  I don’t want to be on medication for ever, and I certainly don’t want to continue feeling like I do, don’t get me wrong I have more good days than bad since taking my medication, but I can’t help but wonder what life would be like with just the good days??

Maybe one day I will find out………