Meal Planning Monday

In the run up to Christmas I am on a bit of a mission. I have so much baking and preparation I want to do for the festive season, but I have a fairly full freezer. So it is time to use up some stuff and empty it so me and the kids can refill it with yummy festive treats!

This week is going to be a busy one, with Alfie’s birthday coming up on Thursday I have his cake to make and countless other tasks I want done before the big day so I am keeping it fairly simple this week. ¬†Looking at the content of my freezer I think my husband and the kids will be having sausages and Fish fingers A LOT over the next week or so – apparently I have over bought just a tad!! Whoops!

Monday – Pasta and pesto

Tuesday – Sausage casserole a yummy winter warmer, I will have a jacket potato and salad whilst the kids tuck into the casserole.

Wednesday – Home made burgers with salad

Thursday – Eating out – it is Alfie’s 2nd Birthday today so we are treating them to tea out, will probably be a trip to our local McDonald’s

Friday – Fish fingers, home-made crinkle cut chunky chips and peas (I have two boxes of Fish fingers in the freezer – did I think they were going to stop making them or something?!)

Saturday – Pasta bake with garlic bread

Sunday – Toad in the hole

I am hoping to knock up some mince pies to freeze over the weekend if I get a chance, you can’t beat a home-made mince-pie! I am going to attempt to make my own pastry this year which I have never done before so I will let you know how I get on next week!

If you have done your meal plan don’t forget to link it up over with¬†Mrs M’s!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Sounds delicious! Hope your little one has a lovely birthday! You’re the second one who’s mentioned fish fingers, I haven’t had them for years, will have to go grab a box if you haven’t stockpiled the rest of them by now ;-)

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