Alfie’s Birthday

In amongst all the illness and general chaos that has been the last few weeks we celebrated Alfie’s 2nd Birthday.  I find it is hard to believe he is two already, the time has gone by so fast!

We decided against doing a party this year, I think Alfie would have been too overwhelmed with it all and so we are heading off to Thomas Land instead for a family day out.  We were hoping to go before Christmas and enjoy the Winter Wonderland but time seems to be running away with us and we might have to postpone until the new year, but whenever we finally do get to go I know that Alfie is going to love it.

Alfie had an amazing day, he was a little confused by it all to begin with, his face when the children at play group started singing to him was most amusing, he looked at them like they were all mad! Bless him.  He soon got into the swing of the celebrations and loved ripping the paper off his gifts, but his favourite part of the day it has to be said was the huge birthday cake I made for him! I spent the whole day trying to stop him digging into it and it is fair to say that if he had his way it would have been cake for breakfast!

Here are a few snaps of Alfie’s big day!

Here he is, my beautiful birthday boy (images courtesy of my lovely friend and photographer Jenna Faulkner visit her on Facebook here to see more of her amazing photos!)

My beautiful boy! Happy Birthday!

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