Want, want, want………

You know the phrase better late than never? Well nothing better could apply to this post! You see way back in the deepest darkest depths of October, I was tagged in a lovely meme where you reveal what you want.

I must also point out that I am writing this post and sounding like a complete spoilt brat with my list of demands wishes because I was bullied into it tagged by the lovely Michelle from Mummy Rates it to do so, this is not a post I wanted to write, I had to write it because I was tagged – that is the law!

I must also remind myself before I start writing this that you, my dear readers don’t want to be here reading my list till Christmas so I will only put on here essential items that I want need!

Ugg Boots -

 ugg boots bling

Image courtesy of http://www.uggaustralia.co.uk

For a long time I was not a fan of UGG boots I must say, I am a huge lover of my heels and could never imagine myself in flat boots ever. However, UGG’s with a bit of Bling  – now that I can do! I think these are an essential addition to my wardrobe because apparently doing the school run in heels in the snow is no fun, and yes I do speak from experience.  As I only own heels I have no option (now you see where the need rather than want comes in!) These are lovely because they have the little bit of bling they would be lush for the school run or being out and about visiting over Christmas! These are a definite want want want for me this winter!

A Thermal Flask (preferably pink)

Despite my attempts at being on time for the school run starting so well at the beginning of the year, I am now failing miserably and need a means of taking my morning cuppa with me so I can finish it whilst sitting at the numerous traffic lights I get stuck at on the way to school! This would make me a happier Mummy all round as I am not very friendly in the mornings until I have had my beloved cup of tea, which most mornings recently I have gone without!

A self ironing washing pile – 

Who invented the iron? Was it really necessary? I don’t think so, if we all walked round with creased clothes on all of the time then no one would look any different so there would be no need to stand for hours every week ironing clothes!  Seems like the sensible option to me, I personally think I might just start a trend and not bother anymore, I wonder would anyone (other than my Mum and Mother in law would notice).  A laundry basket that ironed and folded your clothes into a neat pile ready to be put away would be fantastic, it would be even better if it also had the ability to put the clothes away too but I don’t want to ask for too much now do I?!


Yes I do need actually need a bit of Supernanny in my life, our Bedtime Battles have reached breaking point with Molly over the last week or so and I am at a loss as to what to do next.  The girl will simply not go to bed and stay there – well that is at least without getting up over and over and over again first.  Any advice/help/expert opinions are very welcome at this point and if you don’t have any of those then just send me wine instead!

I think I will leave it there as that is more than enough (although I could go on and on and on), but I do second Michelle’s wish for a self-cleaning house - how AMAZING would that be?? Along with my wish for a self ironing washing pile my life would quite simply then be complete!

I am not going to tag anyone else in this as it is Christmas and everyone is busy busy busy, but if you fancy writing your own list of want’s then please do so and let me know so I can have a read!

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