Meal Planning Monday

I got a bit lost with my Meal Planning before Christmas, so here I am back for the New Year, with my attempts to be more organised and make life run a bit smoother here at The Singing Mummy HQ!

So here is my first Meal Plan of 2013 over the next couple of weeks I will be batch cooking some meals to freeze and use as quick and easy dinners over the coming weeks.  I have a really busy few weeks ahead and the only way to get through it is to be prepared (well that is what I keep telling myself anyway!)

Monday – Tuna pasta salad

Tuesday – Sausage casserole

Wednesday – Vegetable chilli (I will be making a large chilli and freezing portions for meals later in the month)

Thursday – Salmon, home-made wedges and vegetables

Friday  – Home made pizza

Saturday – Vegetable Lasagne 

Sunday – Vegetable soup and home made bread

I am planning on using my Bread maker a lot more this year, it is so easy to use and makes tasty bread which is so much cheaper than what you can buy in the supermarkets. I did used to make all of our bread and rolls myself, but time has been lacking recently and I have got out of the habit, but this year it is going to be home made all the way! 

What is on your meal plan for this week?  Don’t forget to visit Mrs M for more meal plans and link your own up too if you have one.

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  1. It seems a lot of us got a little lost with our meal planning before Xmas. I made sausage casserole last night and that’s likely to be on our menu for next week. Rather liking the idea of tuna pasta salad too! Good luck with being organised!

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