Project 365 Week 2

TheBoyandMe's 365 LinkyI said last week I would struggle to do a post everyday and I was right, here we are only on week 2 and I am a day later than I wanted to be with my weekly post, I would have had no chance with a daily post! There are simply not enough hours in the day at the moment. I have however managed to take a photo every day which is the point right?  So here they are 8th – 15 January 2013 -

backtoschool8Jan138th January 2013

Back to school – Molly was pleased about it, she just doesn’t look it!!

gardening_9_jan_139 January 2013

My husband was determined to do some clearing up in the garden despite it being absolutely freezing out there, it was made a lot easier with the help of Molly though, she had great fun helping Daddy for the afternoon!

sleepybaby10jan201310 January 2013

Sleepy baby. This was taken at tea time, Alfie is managing most days now without a nap, but by tea time he is exhausted. Lots of cuddles with Daddy helped today though!

bedtime12jan201311 January 2013

Bed time! We are desperately trying to get Alfie off his bottle at bed time, it is really not happening though, he likes his milk in his cot before going to sleep.  I want him to have his milk then brush his teeth and go then go down so we tried letting him sit with his sister for it, he took a little bit then headed off to his cot for the rest!

sillymolly11jan12 January 2013

This is not the best photo – it is blurry I know, but we all laughed so much as I was taking it, it had to be included this week! Both my kids love bath time and Daddy was being very silly and popped Molly into the bath with all her clothes on, the kids loved it and lots of laughter followed! Happy memories!

13jan201313 January 2013

I think this speaks for itself really! Housework has not been top of my list this last week or so!! Ha ha!

snow14jan2011314 January 2013

SNOW!! Which has now gone and left us with horrible icy roads.  It is pretty to look at but when you have the school run to do it is not good.




8 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 2

  1. Such nice photos. Love the bath shot. I really wanted to take part in 365 but I know I’m useless at remembering things like this … not to mention that I have appalling photography skills.

  2. Lovely collection of photos. The bath photo is great. I don’t think quality matters when you are capturing a happy moment like that.

  3. Really lovely week of photos. Bath photo is hilarious! Molly and Alfie look so cute tucked up in bed with their drinks together!