The Gallery – Girls

When I saw the theme for this weeks Gallery, I knew instantly I had the perfect photo.  The theme is girls and here is my photo.


This photo was taken just after Molly was born and it shows 4 generations of my family. My Grandmother, my Mother, me and Molly.  I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was so excited to be visiting my Grandmother for the first time after becoming a Mummy and seeing her face on that day and seeing her with my Daughter was beautiful.  She was so proud.  Molly was her first Great Grandchild.

Molly still talks about “Great Grandma in the sky,”  in June it will be two years since she sadly passed away.  I often feel sad that my children didn’t get to spend much time with her, Alfie will never remember her as he was a tiny baby when she died.  Molly has some lovely memories and I hope these stay with her as she grows.  But I am grateful that she was able to meet both of my babies and those precious memories and pictures will be treasured by me and my children forever.

This is my entry into this weeks Gallery, please head over and take a look at some other entires too!

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