Spring cleaning ideas and how you can revamp your home – Guest post

Spring cleaning ideas and how you can revamp your home

Before you’ll be able to fully enjoy spring blooms and warmer weather, it’s time to get the house in order. But spring cleaning shouldn’t be a one-woman job; if the entire family pitches in, it will go faster and be more fun. Here’s a two-step approach to whipping your home into shape for the coming season.

First things first: de-cluttering.

Before you get to cleaning, you’ll need to clear out everything that you no longer need. This will cut down on your tidying time and create more space in your home. Because there are several potential areas to find items that need to be discarded, it’s best to take a systematic approach. First up: the living room.

If you own an entertainment system with lots of CDs and DVDs, consider sifting through them and getting rid of anything you don’t listen to or watch anymore. Then, head to the bookshelf to find material to be recycled. Finish off this area by taking a good look at all the electronics (think: the old DVD player that you’ve been meaning to replace) and deciding which ones should go.

Then, focus the family efforts on your individual wardrobes. There’s bound to be clothing that your kids don’t fit anymore and that you won’t wear because it’s last season. Gather all these items, and donate them to a family charity.

The last de-cluttering task will take place in the kitchen. Be sure to search the cupboard and the refrigerator for expired food items. You could even make it a game for the kids by offering a prize to the person who finds the most expired cans and jars. (No cheating!) Just make sure you handle the top shelves that they can’t reach.

Get down to the dirt: cleaning.

After you’ve de-cluttered, you’ll be able to see your home a little clearer. Next, it’s time to grab a dust cloth and start wiping down all of the furniture; this is the perfect task for little ones who are too small to push the vacuum cleaner. And getting rid of all the clutter will make their job a little easier.

There are some tasks that are only fit for you, however, such as wiping off the inside of inset ceiling lights. You’ll also want to steam clean the curtains and carpet to get rid of any allergens that built up their during the long winter.

Lastly, tackle the bathrooms by giving everyone an assignment. One person should be in charge of cleaning the shower, while another is tasked with mopping the floors. You can bring up the rear by making sure all sinks and toilet bowls are disinfected and cleaned.

If you incorporate the whole family, there’s no reason why all of these things can’t be done in a day. To make it seem like a party rather than a chore, think of preparing some fun snacks and an uptempo playlist. That way, your spring cleaning will not only leave your home in good spirits but also your family.

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  1. Oh I really need to take note of this. My house is a constant tip! I have 5 kids & it’s just madness. I think we’ll dedicate a day and just get ruthless – if I have the bottle (I’m a bit of a hoarder). Thanks for this x