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Before I had my kids, I loved nothing more than getting all glamorous and pampered, I would not have left the house without a full face of make up and nice hair (oh how times have changed!).  I had a full make up box as well as a make up bag bursting at the seams and so many nice beauty products that I loved to pamper myself with.

Fast forward 4 years and my make up bag is now very empty and given the distinct lack of time I now have, I generally look rough with or without my make up on (the bags under my eyes have been there for so long that even the toughest of concealer cant cover them!) so I do sometimes wonder why I bother to be honest. I have put on what feels like a million stone in weight and have generally turned into the Frumpy Mummy I always swore that I would NEVER be.

So when I was invited along to spend they day at a gorgeous salon getting pampered and testing out a fantastic new Spray tanning product, of course I was never going to say no! It was a very rare and very lovely treat, so off I went with my lovely friend Stephanie for a child free girly day out.

We headed off to Towcester to the GloBeauty academy which is set in the most glorious countryside, I felt more relaxed just pulling into the car park! We headed in and my first treatment started, along with a nice cup of tea.  I went into the salon with horrible nails and came out with the prettiest nails I have had in a long time.  Before the children came along I had my nails done every few weeks, it was my little treat. Now my only treat is to get to drink a hot cup of tea once in blue moon.

How pretty do they look though?!

Next up was a Spray Tan.  Never before in my life have I had a spray tan, so I had no idea what to expect. This spray tan was not just any old spray tan though, it was a GloTanz Spray tan, and here is a little bit about what is so special about this fantastic product –

After nearly 20 years in the beauty industry and hundreds of spray tans conducted, Northampton College of Beauty Therapy director Julie Allen became fed up with the quality of tans on offer to use on clients. They were either loaded with alcohol which is damaging and ageing to the skin, smelt like a chemical plant or looked so abnormal in colour they were comical. And so in a bid to find the solution, Julie decided to create her own tan that would meet her expectations and wow her clients at the same time. She is now proud to launch the hugely popular Glotan™ range, included the winning formula ‘Tan in a Can’ which not only appears instantly when applied but also develops over time offering ten day-lasting colour. 

The Glotan™ tanning solution was developed when Julie wanted to created a solution that was not only ‘as organic as possible’ but that did not contain alcohol and was fragranced free, but also contained added natural moisturisers and Vitamin E. She wanted her clients to receive the best and not something that would be filled with artificial ingredients or watered down. It also offers other powerful benefits such as Vitamin E, one of nature’s most dynamic cellular renewal and healing ingredients. It also includes a high quality DHA made here in the UK to ensure that you can achieve a result that is even in application and professional.

The whole spray tan experience was a new one for me, I didnt know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the sexy paper pants if I am honest, but I do think the fetching hair net might just catch on? Who knows, but I thought I look totally great in it either way. If you have never had a spray tan before then be warned, they are quite cold, but very much worth it and 20 minutes later I stepped out of the tanning booth and looked more tanned than after 2 weeks in the Maldives on Honeymoon 7 years ago! Impressive stuff.

I was advised to leave the guide colour and not shower or bath for at least 8 hours after the treatment, and given a leaflet on aftercare and then me and the lovely Stephanie headed for home (stopping briefly at a gorgeous little cafe for lunch en route!).

I left the guide colour on over night and after washing it off I was really impressed with how I looked, I can totally see why people go back over and over again for spray tans, given half the chance, I really would! My skin did not dry out and the tan still looked great nearly a week after my treatment! Most impressive! These photos were taken on days 3 and 4.

If you are in the Northants area I would definitely recommend a trip over to the GloTan salon, it is a lovely place and in such a stunning setting.  The ladies are all so lovely and I left feeling pampered and very glamorous, something that this frumpy Mummy has not felt like in a very long time!

You can also see my lovely friend Stephs Vlog on her GloTanz experience here.

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