02/52 Project 365 Week 2

So second week in and my post is late – not a great start, but for those who know me they know very well I find it impossible to be on time for anything, despite my greatest effort, and I always think it is better to be a little late than to not show up at all, so here is week twos post!

0252 365 2014


I went back to work this week after a month off, it was going to be tough enough trying to get back to normal without adding a stinking great cold into the equation . ┬áNot what I needed, so with both me and my hubby feeling poorly it was a hard week. ┬áBut it was all over quickly and the weekend soon came and went – again!

I am loving taking pictures every day for this challenge so far this year, my aim for this week is to get the post done on time! Watch this space!

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